True You Cosmetics

Because many businesses take a long time to develop, wise entrepreneurs start their projects early in life. Jessica Truesdale did exactly that when she launched her own cosmetics line, called True You Cosmetics, while still attending school. By getting an early start, Truesdale set herself up for a lifetime of success. Aesthetics and the pursuit of beauty have always been …

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Crazy Egg

In this digital age, it goes without saying that companies need to offer top-notch websites with all the right designs and features if they want customers to click through. The problem is most companies don’t know the first thing about making an effective website. Enter Crazy Egg, a company that uses advanced analytic tools to track where guests are spending …

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Back to the Roots

Co-founders of Back to the Roots, Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez, met at an ethics class at the University of California, Berkeley, in which they learned that gourmet mushrooms could be grown from recycled coffee grounds. This pricked their curiosity enough that they began to research such processes, and soon both had abandoned promising business careers and started Back to …

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The current economic slump is certainly not breaking news as families across the country have been suffering the effects since the 2007 economic collapse. The American Dream is not what it used to be, but could the root cause be closer to home than most people think? Consider for a moment the fact that in the United States, the average …

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Kandy Kruisers

These days, it is all about transportation. Whether you’re going to work, to the store down the block or even just to class across campus, traveling short distances with ease, style and convenience does not have to mean investing in a car or even a bike. Kandy Kruisers mini cruisers offer all of these assets and more in a sassy …

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strados logo


Few things in life are more emotionally unsettling than your car breaking down. For years, the automotive repair industry had you in the palms of their hands with their monopoly on automotive expertise and astronomical service fees. For the first time in history, the tables have turned. Strados is a new app that lets your car “tell” you what is …

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Testing Timers

Testing Timers is an innovative company that produces timekeeping devices designed to ease student stress. Playing guessing games with time during the ACT and SAT is a major reason behind student stress and decreased test scores. Jordan Liss is the 20-year-old Testing Timers founder and college junior who created an app in his dorm room that has received worldwide acclaim. …

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Knox Payments

Online purchases, payments and money transfers have been sweeping the nation over the past few years thanks to smartphones and widespread Wi-Fi accessibility. Although you may not be buying all your weekly groceries online yet, online payment processing is becoming more and more commonplace. Innovative companies like Knox Payments are making online purchases easier than ever. Businesses that process online …

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Wink Natural Cosmetics

After tiring of the unhealthy and expensive eyelash extension craze, MIT students Megan Cox and Miguel Salinas decided to find an alternative. Now, they’ve hit the market with Wink, a natural alternative that not only makes lashes longer, but fuller as well. Cox, a business student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found herself spending a good deal of money …

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The problem with going to the hottest bars during busy times is that often, unless you’re buddies with the bartender, you feel as if you have to run an obstacle course to get to the bar itself. Then the fun truly begins as you try to get the attention of one of the busy bartenders, who are occupied serving drinks …